Trendy homeschoolers are trendy!

I know I haven’t been posting in a year or so.  I could blame it on having nothing to say, being super busy, or losing my password, but ultimately, I just didn’t want to.  I started this post, thinking I’d talk about how homeschooling seems to be experiencing a wave of support from some idiotic fan base that thinks it’s a new fangled concept.  My disbelief at the volume of blogs and support for 21st century home educators is epic.  But, after recovering my password and reading my previous posts, I just don’t have it in me to tap dance and mockingly celebrate the rebranding of an old concept.  

The fact is, things happened.  There was drama, discord, and not too subtle thematic elements that were informing my choices and writing topics.  Publishing the essays during that time might have being cathartic, but wholly revealing of the aforementioned drama, discord, and thematic elements. Eventually, embarrassing other people in my community and proclaiming my wisdom would have been little more than self promotion and shameless pot stirring.  

When dogs do a celebratory dance next to the couch they’ve torn to shreds and pooped on, we might be angry, but eventually have to concede that they’re just dumb dogs doing what dumb dogs do. We’re called on to rise above our self serving couch pooping impulses and follow the lessons of the Gospels.  Somehow, I just don’t see Mathew, Mark, Luke, or John taking a dump in the pharisees’ temples after the Passion.  Likewise, airing dirty laundry on the internet, however subconsciously, just didn’t seem like the best way to move past this particular earthly thing.

That being said, I feel better for having made a “pooping in the temple” reference in a reverent and informative manner.  My job here is done.

Oh yeah!  Next time someone suggests that the “home education boom” is some kind of new trend, please point out that in the history of the world, home and private education has been the standard that informed the rise and fall of empires; and our modern government run, compulsory, public education is actually the new fangled trend that we should all be marveling at, scratching our heads, asking “Why is this still around?” 


Jesus, Mary, and my dog walk into an Aquafina factory….

I’m laying here, stressing to reach the keyboard.  My leg aches from the dog’s elbows digging into  the permanent bruises he created.  I’m pretty sure he made that smell…  yeah, the cat just got up and left.  It’s tempting to fuss at him.  Then, it occurs to me, he may want his ears rubbed but, will still lay there even if I ignore him… and that makes me happy. He does this for me.

It’s easy to forget how uncomplicated our lives can be, if we choose to.  He’s not avoiding me because I snapped at him last week.  He’s not being distant because I wouldn’t pet him before leaving yesterday.  He knows not to try to lay on me when I’m agitated, chase his tail and bark for no reason while I’m asleep.  Timing is important, and for a critter with no sense of it, he’s got it nailed. He lives each day in the moment, seeking the little pleasures but always mindful of others. I’m inspired and he’s snoring.  

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking and praying about what “Christ Like” behavior is for me.  Forgiveness and kindness are my big flashing neon signs. My dog has these Christ like behaviors down… unless you’re in a khaki uniform, then he really dislikes you… so go change. It’s a good thing we have Jesus and not just my smelly dog to model life after, but the lesson stands.  This would be a really different house if he chose to hold a grudge for every time he was slighted or snapped at, or if he retaliated at being ignored.  We might have one less dog.  

How many people put Jesus out of their lives or assume that He has ignored them because of the indifference or struggles in their lives?  I’m beginning to think that the difficulties I face are the permanent bruises from His presence and support. He has always been there, whether I heeded Him or not, and the ache is nothing compared to the joy I feel in His loving embrace.


Boats and Hoes! The enemy of authentic choice.

“82% of unintended pregnancies in developing countries are caused by lack of access to contraception”

This rings of the toilet seat logic from the eighties and nineties, before ad campaigns taught people that they couldn’t get HIV from being near infected people… except backwards.  “Unintended pregnancy is caused by a lack of birth control!”  Well crap.  There goes abstinence, celibacy, and self-control!  If you’re not popping pills, you will spontaneously fertilize at the age of 14 and every ten months after until menopause… or until you change your evil pregnant ways. So, think twice kiddies! That note Joey wrote to you Freshman year?  BAM! Made a baby.

This statistic is a skewed characterization of a United Nations report that came out late last year, supposedly declaring birth control a “Universal Human Right.”  The term they actually used in the report was “Voluntary family planning should be universally accepted as an intrinsic human right”.  They also leave out  that the report was not about human rights, medicine, or even prospectus for future studies.  It was a population report that projected curbed births in developing countries could save the governments $11 Billion a year, and possibly the UN $5.6 billion a year.  The UN suggested that universally accessible contraception and education could prevent 56 million “unintended” pregnancies and 24 million abortions every year worldwide. Unintended, like backing into a mail box or over the neighbor’s poodle.

I spent hours compiling data and trends on a small portion of the relevant factors involved.  After about fourteen pages, that are barely coherent droves of numbers and pointed accusations, I realized that numbers do not convert.  Nor do manipulative anecdotes about tearing still living infants limb from limb, hearing their gasps and whimpers after partial birth abortions.  Humans are vile and remarkable beasts.  Granted reason and intellect, opposable thumbs, and the power over our environment, and we find the most atrocious ways to justify inhuman [beyond animal] behaviors.

That every civil rights organization in America is not marching on the square demanding the end to eugenic policies that target at a rate of 19:1 minority women, the impoverished, and under-educated  is a sign of what our nation has become.  Our young women have been taught that being sexually available to a man at all times is somehow an empowerment.  Marriage and parenthood are forms of bondage put upon them by evil men. They’re being told that the only kind of health care they need, is in the form of pills, patches, shots, and implants.  Anything else is irresponsible and would result in a burdensome flurry of drama and humiliation.

Young men are being told that it’s okay to spurn the roles from generations past, embrace flights of fancy, pursue illicit gratification through pornography, treat women like men and men like women, and that it’s okay not just to walk away from their responsibilities but carry their pregnant love interests to abortion clinics to “have it taken care of.”

The alternatives have been painted as fanatical male oriented forms of domination and control.  Because it makes sense that sex crazed men, bent on enslaving subservient women, would demand protracted non physical courtships before long engagements, modestly dressed wives, periodic abstinence, way more knowledge about female physiology than all but a GYN could know, increased financial commitments, and increased responsibility for family planning.    Totally ruled by their libidos, those pesky men.

It would seem that the only folks that have been empowered have been the immoral, the scheming eugenicist, and those that profit from this sex trade.  The abortion industry makes close to a billion dollars a year.  Pharmaceutical companies that produce chemical contraceptives make 2.6 billion a year and the healthcare industry makes another 9-12 billion a year.  That’s not even calculating in the 110 million people who have contracted sexually transmitted diseases from HPV to HIV.  HPV is quickly replacing AIDS as the deadliest STD, with ties to several highly aggressive and deadly cancers.  Those diseases bring in billions more, with 19 million new cases a year.

Maybe telling folks that participating in this mentality is tantamount to consenting to legalized third-party prostitution, aided by our government, complicit simpering fools for sale, and generations of rich white men that prefer a class of uneducated laborers without the will to change their station, or even the education to recognize it, will somehow make a difference?

Attacks on any religion that preaches against the vices that this legalized third-party prostitution enables are hardly a surprise.  The Catholic Church is not the schismatic scandal ridden thing we see on paid news. It is the most vital, powerful, and populace entity in the world, backed not just by the will of a billion man membership, but with the Grace of God.  She protects us from being forced to trade in this sin.  “They” know this and so they chip away, offering poison apples and challenging their own followers to sacrifice their first-born to prove allegiance.    They lure away the weak, hiding their motives with words like “unintended,” “choice,” and “Intrinsic Human Right.”

Stick that on your bumper!… or something?


I wrote the end of this before the beginning.  I knew what the message was, but how to demonstrate it plagued me.  Yesterday, I saw a beat up old car, with bad paint and bumper stickers concealing bumper stickers.  They were offensive and made me question why anyone would subject themselves to that kind of scrutiny.  That’s when it hit me!  This is something I can use.  While I know, better than most, the why and where to fore of most human behaviors, I do not have any way of knowing any man’s deepest motives.  Proverbs 21:2 sums it up nicely.  Basically it says that some people may feel they are in the right, but it is God that can see into their hearts.

When someone has a major fault they tend to conceal it with another behavior, their own kind of bumper sticker, if you will.  How funny, offensive, or bizarre it is, is inconsequential.  It is up to each of us as individuals to steal ourselves against the messages or the offense and view the person as a whole, as we would the car.  Their sentiment, in big block letters and silly pictures, conceals damage and neglect.  If it was a poor cold child, we’d rush to gather him to our arms and shield them from the elements. Isn’t that our call to sanctity?  Why then turn away or react with sin when faced with a less sympathetic person than a neglected child?  Aren’t we all God’s children?

hate stickers

I can think of few people that bother me more than self righteous hypocrites that nod their heads with zeal on Sunday and conduct themselves as though their attendance is a cloak of invincibility the rest of the week.  Their bumper stickers are subtle but cutting condemnations.  They hide damage of loneliness and bitter fear. The worst part is they have no idea.  They point out the sins of others gleefully and don’t see the sin of their own actions, even when pointed out.  The impunity they operate with is astounding.  And for years, little could upset me as readily and as deeply as the unprovoked injury they caused me or my friends.

I had spent a long time letting go of anger with family and people who’d injured me physically.  Forgiveness was never something I denied another, even if they never asked for it.  After all, one can forgive and not be obliged to ever see that person again.  What could it hurt if I’m okay after?  Forgiving ongoing insult and injury was a different animal though.  I called it righteous anger.

Hillary cats

About half the New Testament counsels us to let go of anger, give ourselves up to God, turn the other cheek, avoid idle & profane talk, do not involve yourself in the conflict of others, speak not of those who have not injured you, love your enemy,  I really could go on.  It seems simple enough, I certainly thought so.  I figured that if I avoided confrontation, blocked trouble makers online, and stuck to a core group of friends, I was doing well and stopping the occasions for sin.  Imagine my surprise when I found a little gem about the graveness of succumbing to the temptation of pointless anger and idle conflict.

jesus busy

I was reading an in depth slash doctrinal examination of conscience.   I got to number five, Thou Shall Not Kill.  I typically chuckle, say “not yet” and move to the next.  However the questions on this one pegged me.  “Allowed anger to turn into resentful brooding.”  Check!  “Shown aversion or contempt toward others.” Check, check.  “Ridiculed or insulted others” Check… Turns out, allowing my anger to seep out in humorous ways, at the expense of others, even in jest, I was violating the fifth commandment! These actions are poison to our soul.  Self harm, even the slow kind is a violation of the commandment. I was shocked but dubious.

Weeks later, I was reading more of these examinations as they were prescribed through the Magisterium of the Church.  That’s when the big kick in the teeth came.  It said that my placing my anger inside and maintaining these rivalries for bitterness’ sake, I was failing to trust in God’s plan.  I was forsaking Him!  I was breaking the first commandment, just by allowing my fear and uncertainty of the motives of others win out.  Had I been told this, I never would have believed it, but there before me was the biggest gouge in my soul’s shiny paint.

Total it

I chose to make changes and almost immediately, I was rewarded with a big attagirl from God.  I quit using my sense of humor to hide contempt and, while I had always prayed for those that injured me with their words and conniving, I changed my tact.  I stopped praying that they change and instead thanked God for the chance to grow, and ask that He grants them that opportunity when they needed it most.

Don’t assume this is all piety. There’s plenty of self interest, but this feeling I have has led me to new wisdom that I share freely.  I still avoid the conflict, but now I do it joyfully and for the sake of their souls and my own.  I no more wish to be the occasion for their sin than I wish them to be mine. I now feel the guiding hand of the Holy Spirit in my day to day life and I no longer begrudge the bumper stickers of the hypocrites, because they are just as much part of God’s plan as I am.  Some day, I might share my Turtle Wax and help them the way they helped me.

whole honda

In the meantime, I counsel others that endure what I have, to take a step back, read all the stickers then remember that this ratty car of a person is still a child of God.  Isn’t that what we say during the Our Father?  “…forgive my trespasses as I forgive those who trespass against me… lead me not into temptation…” That prayer has deeper meaning now.  Or maybe I understand it more, and it was always deep.

Dont touch me

Ron Van Winkle and other sordid tales

Coming off of a stressful week and busy schedule is hard.  I kept getting these brilliant ideas of what to post about. I had some cathartic moments with new and old friends.  Found myself being more adult than I ever thought possible, and really wanting to contemplate my choice of words.  Much of what I wrote will eventually end up here. However, I hope to do so when I’m not as emotionally invested in the words.

In the meantime… I saw Ron Paul’s response to criticism of his Chris Kyle comments.  He was lacing rhetoric and feigned sympathy into a response that was scarcely more than a photo op.  He negated to mention that two men, not one, died that day.  Was his sympathy not with the neighbor and close friend that volunteered time?  Maybe he got distracted by all that unconstitutional warring going on.  How does a mentally ill veteran that got discharged from inpatient care, against the pleas from the family, after actively doing every single flag raising cry for help act there is, have anything to do with saying we should never have been there in the first place? How is that a solution? I don’t understand that.  Hey great, you think we shouldn’t have gone there.  What good is that for Chris Kyle or Chad Littlefield?  Are you proposing time travel to save them?


It’s like me suggesting that instead of banning abortion we make pregnant women go back in time and leave a note on the bathroom mirror that says “Don’t circle home.”   You know what? Eventually, the note won’t be enough ‘cause they’ll think they can avoid it.  Then she’s going to wake up that day and find nine notes pleading with her to please, seriously, just stay home.  How long and bitter is that cycle going to be?  We could just circumvent the time travel part and tell women across America to go ahead and put the note on the bathroom mirror with a crudely drawn diagram of her freshly fertilized egg with a caption that says “This happens when” along with another crudely drawn diagram that I presume I don’t need to explain.    Although, I hear that’s done in elementary schools and doctor’s offices already, and it’s still not sinking in.  Hmmmm.

I have a feeling time travel to prevent war will be just as futile.  The diagram will be on a much larger sticky note.  The gist being that putting the military in hostile countries results in financial obligation, troop loss, and media nightmares.  Maybe include a list of folks that would love to instigate a war.  Then illustrate with a diagram of hugging them all and giving them doughnuts.  No one can be angry while eating doughnuts.  (If they are, it is because they’re bad doughnuts. ) Do you think George W. could have stopped 9/11 with a hug and some doughnuts?  Or is that nonaggression thing one way?  Let it happen then don’t engage?  I’m pretty sure that no matter how hard and furious you place those post it notes, on that bathroom mirror, things would have happened just the same.

You see, with war and with pregnancy, we know what causes them.  But it’s not as simple as saying “Dude, that’s gonna be unpopular, don’t.”  We have to accept that our world isn’t a spontaneous construct of the moment. Generations ago there were policies and plans that put the ball into motion, which set the stage for these wars (and economic/social problems *cough*).  The pregnancy didn’t start the decision to seek an abortion.  Culture, support, education, economics, and morals from the conception of the mother on, played a part in the decision to seek the abortion; and probably before that.

If we wish to change our world, we cannot respond as though the problems and faults we see are new.  Much of what I see in the news today or discussed on Sundays are very much the same social and moral issues that were being discussed a hundred years ago. (Chesterton anyone?)  I feel strongly that we should set aside the restrictions we’ve placed on our thinking and the narcissistic mentality that we’re somehow different and more special because of technology or the passage of time. We should stop trying to define and segregate each aspect of our lives into emotional little checked boxes.  These are labels that flex with time and diminish our capacity to comprehend our world in any depth.  Instead we should be flocking to our libraries, churches, and institutions of learning.  What a wonderful wealth of wisdom and peace awaits us as we rediscover our past, evaluate the actions, and seek to make different decisions.

G.K. Chesterton, NAILED IT!

Admittedly, I’ve picked up works from Chesterton and put them down nearly in the same breath just to stifle the yawn. I did not lack the intelligence, I simply lacked the formation and the perception necessary to appreciate how insightful his words are. In the past few weeks, I’ve taken up the hobby of reading the news and I’m not a dummy; I’ve been sure to fact check. My years long bias against all things media was set aside by the 1984’esque controls put on my husband’s access to equal news coverage overseas. He fully expected to come home and find his hobbies replaced with pro-choice signs, abortionists knocking at the door, and having to kindly shake hands with muggers and pedophiles as we walked to church to save on five dollar a gallon gas. Reassuring him was exhausting, considering how much information I noticed was missing from the reports. I ended up going to the sources of the “facts” and discovering so much more than I bargained for. My final conclusion was much like my initial assumption. Money is paramount, and the cattle love it!

All that has led to making this blog to vent my frustration at the seemingly blind adherence to a social plan that will only offer to stifle the masses and contribute to the decay of our society. I know I am not alone. My friends are smart people and likely knew this way before I did. In fact, I dare say a few will read this and reflect fondly on what a naive little cow I was to know it was there and think it was as simple as voting it away. Moo. I’m finally applying my education and skills to something I can share with others; and for a moment I thought I’d articulated something meaningful. Then I stumbled upon an excerpt from GK Chesterton’s “Superstition of Divorce”. It was missing something so I searched for the full text and began reading. Then, I get to this one part. I all but jump up celebrating as though my team had scored the winning goal. “THIS IS WHAT I’VE BEEN TRYING TO SAY!!!” I copy it and keep reading but the point of the article about divorce is stifled by that excited voice in my head going, “Share that and find skittles, it’s late! Skittles and Chesterton are goooooood!” So, without further ado, he’s the excerpt. I’m going to bed before I really consider going to buy skittles.

“A far different fate has awaited the other fashion; the other somewhat dismal form of freedom. If divorce is a disease, it is no longer to be a fashionable disease like appendicitis; it is to be made an epidemic like small-pox. As we have already seen papers and public men to-day make a vast parade of the necessity of setting the poor man free to get a divorce. Now why are they so mortally anxious that he should be free to get a divorce, and not in the least anxious that he should be free to get anything else? Why are the same people happy, nay almost hilarious, when he gets a divorce, who are horrified when he gets a drink? What becomes of his money, what becomes of his children, where he works, when he ceases to work, are less and less under his personal control. Labour Exchanges, Insurance Cards, Welfare Work, and a hundred forms of police inspection and supervision have combined for good or evil to fix him more and more strictly to a certain place in society. He is less and less allowed to go to look for a new job; why is he allowed to go to look for a new wife? He is more and more compelled to recognize a Moslem code about liquor; why is it made so easy for him to escape from his old Christian code about sex? What is the meaning of this mysterious immunity, this special permit for adultery; and why is running away with his neighbour’s wife to be the only exhilaration still left open to him? Why must he love as he pleases; when he may not even live as he pleases?

The answer is, I regret to say, that this social campaign, in most though by no means all of its most prominent campaigners, relies in this matter on a very smug and pestilent piece of cant. There are some advocates of democratic divorce who are really advocates of general democratic freedom; but they are the exceptions; I might say, with all respect, that they are the dupes. The omnipresence of the thing in the press and in political society is due to a motive precisely opposite to the motive professed. The modern rulers, who are simply the rich men, are really quite consistent in their attitude to the poor man. It is the same spirit which takes away his children under the pretense of order, which takes away his wife under the pretense of liberty. That which wishes, in the words of the comic song, to break up the happy home, is primarily anxious not to break up the much more unhappy factory. Capitalism, of course, is at war with the family, for the same reason which has led to its being at war with the Trade Union.”