F is for Figuroutable

I have this framed in my bedroom next to a quote by Henry Ford. “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right.”

These are not the most common motivational quotes, or even the best. That doesn’t stop them from being right, though. In a world of collective helplessness and victimhood, I find solace in these reminders. It gives me hope that I am not alone in a sea of futility. There are other people that see the same problems I do, and are working on them too.

One quote I neglected to frame is from my son’s favorite childhood movie, Robots. If you haven’t seen it, I suggest you do that… now. Big Weld is the proverbial “wizard” in the lead character’s quest to save robotkind. Mr. Weld built an empire of invention and charity with a single philosophy. “See a need, fill a need.”

Perhaps, today, we can all go find a problem or a need and choose to be part of the solution?


Useful Idiots

I am not really a name caller…. maybe I am. I dunno. Anyhow, this term popped in my head and I couldn’t help but feel like, “this needs attention!”

Who are useful idiots today? If you’re a Democrat, it’s a whirlwind tour of campuses. A few bits on MTV, mumble about student loans and bodily autonomy and you’re in like Flint… or not Flint, is that offensive now? If you’re a Republican, you can shake your saber, say “God” a lot, and seal the deal with some borderline illegal threats towards other countries.

If you hate America and want to see it succumb to civil war, you can count on the undereducated and victimhood class to rally to your cause. Blindly and well intentioned, of course. No one here actually wants that. They’re idiots, not monsters.

I find that the more I read/see, the more convinced I am, than ever before, that both major parties and their various socialist, libertarian, green, and independent offshoots are all in cahoots.  As long as we spend all day and night worrying about eachother, we won’t notice that we’re pawns in a long running scam controlled by a multi-billion dollar lobbying industry, impossibly large phamatech, and a trillion dollar media industry.

Yeah, I sound like an Info Wars reject.  You should hear my speil on how Jade Helm was the ground work for a shadow government seeking to enslave half of us and kill the other half…. Another time. If we persist in being these useful idiots, by clicking, sharing, bitching, and boycotting, they will keep getting rich while our children are sold to slavers, our cancers treated with poison, and our futures mortgaged to the hilt.

I propose one alternative: insist on solution based discussion and action. Break free from the herd.

I’m pro-choice, but not that kind of choice.

If you say no before or during sex and it does not stop; either through force, intimidation, threat, or power, that’s rape.  So, unless a person is raped, they’re choosing to engage in sex.  That’s a pretty novel choice to have. I dare say I like having that choice.

We all know one cannot travel back in time and undo a judgmental typo. But some like to pretend they can by aborting the consequence of those choices.  So, the people who are demanding abortion clinics in our cities, availability to teens, and subsidies from the government are admitting that they have poor judgement and decision making skills.  They admit that in the light of day, their judgement isn’t always sparkling.  And we’re supposed to support their judgement when they kill unborn babies to avoid the emotional or financial stigma of that bad decision?

Last I checked, there was not a single instance of government or law mandated sex in the United States in like a really long time.  I’m pretty sure that if you asked women if the think sex is optional, all the ones without daddy issues would say that it is.  So, why are so many ignoring the fact that there is not a religious institution, naysayer, or governing body that will ever try to impede their ability to choose whether or not to engage in sexual acts?  Yet, the tax payers are being asked to subsidize these completely optional activities.

Funny that today, I can get a year’s supply of birth control for free, but orthopedic insoles to relieve knee pain and reduce wear on my hips and spine and possibly buy an extra ten or fifteen years before I need corrective surgery are not covered by my insurance plan.  The subsequent surgery will be.

Funny that I have to pay $30-50 a month for toothpaste, brushes, mouth washes, etc, to buy time for myself in a losing battle with genetics and trauma, and will eventually pay thousands upon thousands to have my teeth and posts removed and replaced with prosthesis   Yet, birth control is cheaper than that,  and prevents something completely avoidable without it, and is being provided for free by tax payers.  Where’s my nationalized dental care, copay free cleansers/whiteners/tools, and low cost cosmetic dentistry?

Puerto Rican Rum will save America!

In 2010 Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIPS were fraudulently billed for more than seventy billion dollars. That means that every taxpayer (that actually pays) in the US is contributing over seven hundred hundred dollars a year to cover the government’s payments to criminal enterprises. Seventy billion dollars is enough to give every homeless person in the US one hundred thousand dollars. Seventy billion dollars is enough to drop a sixteen thousand dollar check into the lap of every welfare recipient. Seventy billion dollars is enough to give each active and reserve US service member a two thousand dollar a month bonus. Seventy billion dollars is enough to hire one million people to audit claims for fraud (For 40k a year) and still save thirty billion dollars. That’s also the amount of money that is being added to the deficit every year thanks to the new fiscal cliff law that was pushed through and signed into law without being read. Gotta love politics. I wonder how many people will benefit from Hollywood tax breaks, wind turbines, or Puerto Rican Rum.