Trendy homeschoolers are trendy!

I know I haven’t been posting in a year or so.  I could blame it on having nothing to say, being super busy, or losing my password, but ultimately, I just didn’t want to.  I started this post, thinking I’d talk about how homeschooling seems to be experiencing a wave of support from some idiotic fan base that thinks it’s a new fangled concept.  My disbelief at the volume of blogs and support for 21st century home educators is epic.  But, after recovering my password and reading my previous posts, I just don’t have it in me to tap dance and mockingly celebrate the rebranding of an old concept.  

The fact is, things happened.  There was drama, discord, and not too subtle thematic elements that were informing my choices and writing topics.  Publishing the essays during that time might have being cathartic, but wholly revealing of the aforementioned drama, discord, and thematic elements. Eventually, embarrassing other people in my community and proclaiming my wisdom would have been little more than self promotion and shameless pot stirring.  

When dogs do a celebratory dance next to the couch they’ve torn to shreds and pooped on, we might be angry, but eventually have to concede that they’re just dumb dogs doing what dumb dogs do. We’re called on to rise above our self serving couch pooping impulses and follow the lessons of the Gospels.  Somehow, I just don’t see Mathew, Mark, Luke, or John taking a dump in the pharisees’ temples after the Passion.  Likewise, airing dirty laundry on the internet, however subconsciously, just didn’t seem like the best way to move past this particular earthly thing.

That being said, I feel better for having made a “pooping in the temple” reference in a reverent and informative manner.  My job here is done.

Oh yeah!  Next time someone suggests that the “home education boom” is some kind of new trend, please point out that in the history of the world, home and private education has been the standard that informed the rise and fall of empires; and our modern government run, compulsory, public education is actually the new fangled trend that we should all be marveling at, scratching our heads, asking “Why is this still around?” 



One thought on “Trendy homeschoolers are trendy!

  1. FANTASTIC! I’ve never heard it put like that! That final paragraph is absolutely a coup d’etat of current educational ideas! Plus the post as a whole cracks me up. The “temple poo” reference- deserves a dinner and drinks! (dinner would be optional)

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