Jesus, Mary, and my dog walk into an Aquafina factory….

I’m laying here, stressing to reach the keyboard.  My leg aches from the dog’s elbows digging into  the permanent bruises he created.  I’m pretty sure he made that smell…  yeah, the cat just got up and left.  It’s tempting to fuss at him.  Then, it occurs to me, he may want his ears rubbed but, will still lay there even if I ignore him… and that makes me happy. He does this for me.

It’s easy to forget how uncomplicated our lives can be, if we choose to.  He’s not avoiding me because I snapped at him last week.  He’s not being distant because I wouldn’t pet him before leaving yesterday.  He knows not to try to lay on me when I’m agitated, chase his tail and bark for no reason while I’m asleep.  Timing is important, and for a critter with no sense of it, he’s got it nailed. He lives each day in the moment, seeking the little pleasures but always mindful of others. I’m inspired and he’s snoring.  

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking and praying about what “Christ Like” behavior is for me.  Forgiveness and kindness are my big flashing neon signs. My dog has these Christ like behaviors down… unless you’re in a khaki uniform, then he really dislikes you… so go change. It’s a good thing we have Jesus and not just my smelly dog to model life after, but the lesson stands.  This would be a really different house if he chose to hold a grudge for every time he was slighted or snapped at, or if he retaliated at being ignored.  We might have one less dog.  

How many people put Jesus out of their lives or assume that He has ignored them because of the indifference or struggles in their lives?  I’m beginning to think that the difficulties I face are the permanent bruises from His presence and support. He has always been there, whether I heeded Him or not, and the ache is nothing compared to the joy I feel in His loving embrace.



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