Buy insurance while you can!

Lets consider this: if I were inclined, I’d insist on limiting golfers in the number of clubs they can have so as to make it more difficult for the clubs to be abused. It won’t be as much fun but golfers can play a whole round with just a 3 wood. Oh but golf clubs aren’t dangerous? I seem to recall Tiger Woods crashing his truck while trying to escape a 90 pound underwear model with one. Imagine if Fuzzy Zeller had the inclination to break a few skulls. He’d clog up the I-5 with the chaos and havoc his skills afford him.

Point is, we have these guns because we can, practice because it’s fun, and protect them zealously from oversight or controls because we understand that technology and invention have eliminated geography as a deterrent to attack. As children, we were told stories of McCarthyism, the red scare, Hitler, and doomsday from the fresh memories of our elders. We were told that no nation ever outruns the tendrils of tyranny. No government ever examines itself and admits wrong doing, or seeks to correct a mistake at the expense of power. We were told that maybe in ours or our children’s lifetimes, we would be challenged to protect what we hold dear. We were told that it would be subtle and it would be slow, but no matter how it happened it would start by fracturing our resolve. Then eroding our liberty, then disarming our willful. Finally, new laws to save us would seal our fates.

Just as we seek to learn from our past, tyrants can too.  The second amendment has nothing to do with hunting.  It was an insurance policy to protect the people from a government that is too big or too powerful or too slack to protect them.  Law makers act as though history could never repeat itself or that the laws written in the eighteenth century hold no value hundreds of years later.  They write laws that brazenly state their desire to limit the 2nd Amendment. They come up with tacky names for guns, calling them assault rifles, weapons of war, devices of slaughter.  They act as though there is no precedent for citizens to be armed for war.

It was only one hundred and fifty years ago that the nation we live in took up arms and fought a war on our own continent.  More than once we’ve had the enemy living among us planning our destruction.Within the last fifty years, time and again citizens were charged with protecting themselves from rioters, looters, and even the police.   Not even ten years ago, bedlam broke out in the aftermath of a natural disaster.  Armed criminals were targeting the few police officers that had maintained their posts. The solution was not to think critically about what the criminals intended to do once they controlled the city, it was order the disarmament of citizens in their own homes.  However short lived the order may have been, it proves that our leaders are no more equipped today than one hundred and fifty or three hundred and fifty years ago to assume complete control of their citizens and complete responsibility for their safety.

When was the last time a victim of stalking was given a personal body guard?  They’re given a piece of paper, told to learn how to defend themselves, and encouraged to change their entire lives.  When was the last time a battered wife and mother was told that her husband would never ever be able to harm her or her children again?  They’re given a piece of paper and told to come to court repeatedly, forced to share custody with an abuser, and cautioned to not run or face jail time.  When was the last time a land lord cut the crime scene tape away from a house in a dangerous neighborhood and reassured new tenants  that the police would keep it from happening again?

We’re being told to lock our doors and rely on the police and a piece of paper to protect us from the uncontrollable urges of deviants, a growing government, and the undeniable reality that history can and will repeat itself if we allow it to.


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