The stork’s job is being outsourced to vultures.

Do we really need to have the “talk” with our government? When I was an impetuous teen, I was told that “Kids and diseases are expensive, the only thing you can afford, is not to get them.” I was also told that absolutely no one was worth risking the aforementioned kids or diseases, if they put me in a position that could ruin my life, ruin another’s life, or in general piss off my dad. I guess that’s the difference. I was raised knowing that I always had a choice, but that the consequences of those choices were mine to bear. It’s really hard to ignore that little part of my brain that says “If these people are so intent on infanticide, promiscuity, and “choice”… maybe the eugenic cleansing they’re happily marching into is needed.  Do we really want them raising another generation of this?”

But, I take a deep breath and remember some of the other wisdom of my youth. The wisdom that taught me that I don’t have to be like one or both of my parents. The wisdom that said, anything is possible. The wisdom that said everyone deserves a chance at life. If we deny them that chance because of who their parents were, we’d be no better than segregationists, third Reich, or any of a dozen genocidal dictators from the last century.

That members of government have supported, to varying degrees, eugenic policies over the past century is frightening. That it has stepped out of the shadows and convinced millions to demand these procedures and strategically place facilities in our cities, is not just frightening, it is downright horrible. We should not be entertaining compromises and half measures. We should be standing on top of every roof top screaming for the kind of change that doesn’t happen on a piece of paper, but in the hearts and minds of our people. Demand responsibility, demand real choice, demand the fates of our future generations not be cast in stone to pay for the wanton disregard of life our generation holds onto so dearly.


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