Will you still love us if we’re fat?

“During a trip to the Mideast, Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., sought to reassure Israelis concerned about Hagel’s nomination. Nelson, a member of the Armed Services Committee, said Hagel has a record of support for Israel. Nelson said he discussed Hagel’s nomination with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He said the prime minister did not voice objections to Hagel.

Why is any nation being given a voice in our cabinet appointments? I don’t care if they’re an ally or what, pandering to ANYONE is a symptom of a much much much larger problem. How much do we sacrifice to please the extreme minority, or outsiders, or the enemy?

This brings me around to every other major debate in America right now.

  • Why are we accepting testimony from the NRA and Walmart about the demands and rights of citizens?  Where are the average joes and average gun owners?
  • Why are we using the testimony of crime survivors as the gospel of all crime? Where are the experts on crime and human behavior?
  • Why are rich white menopausal women screaming the loudest for the right to abort fetuses they’re no longer capable of making?   Where are the low income black women that receive the majority of US abortions on open mic night at the capitol?
  • Why are rich white menopausal women demanding top spots on the front lines?   Where are the soldiers, sailors, and airmen that can meet the physical standards of front line duty, have no reservations about pooping in MRE bags in a moving convoy vehicle, showering in an open bay, or surrendering all privacy to live with 99% men?
  • Why are lawyers and politicians crafting health care policies?  Where are the doctors and professional medical accountants?
  • Why are men rallying for free birth control for all women?  HA HA HA, we know the reason to that one.  I’d just like to know when those men’s wives are going to Gibbs slap them for all but announcing that a sterile dating pool of interns is their end goal.
  • If national health insurance is such a great thing that everyone wants, why is it mandatory?  Where are the people celebrating in the streets because they can finally see a doctor?

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